Sunday, December 5, 2010




Mission Multi purpose Communication, meteorology and
Satellite based search and rescue
Weight 1906 kg with propellant
916 kg dry weight
Onboard power One KW approx.
Communication C, extended C and S band
Stabilization Three axis body stabilized with two Momentum
Wheels & one Reaction Wheel, Magnetic torquers
Propulsion Integrated bipropellant stystem ( MMH and N24) With sixteen 22 N thrusters and 440 N LAM. 0
Payload Transponders:
12C-band (for FSS),6 ext. C-band (for FSS)
2S-band (for BSS),1Data relay transponder (for, 1 transponder for research and rescue,
Very High Resolution radiometer (VHRR) for
meteorological observation with 2 km resolution in
the visible and 8 km resolution in the IR band
Launch date July 23, 1993
Launch site French Guyana
Launch vehicle Ariane 4
Orbit Geostationary 93.5o E
Inclination 0o
Mission life Seven years(nominal)
Orbit life Very Long

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